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YMCA Adventure Princesses is a family program designed for a Father or Father figure and daughter or daughters. It is understood that the parent serves as a guide in a child's life.  Parents lead, direct, supervise, influence, and teach while presenting opportunities for children to explore the world around them.  They lead by example as they set their children on a path through life.  In the early years, the program is a side-by-side journey before children are launched into more advanced, independent activities.  In the YMCA Adventure Princesses program, the journey occurs within the context of a small circle community.  The circle is the program's basic group unit, providing a structure, a sense of community, and support for all group activities.  For the time of your life while your daughter is at an age that can never be recaptured, make plans now to join in the fun and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Children whose parents are involved in their lives are more confident and less anxious in familiar settings, are better able to deal with frustration, better develop a sense of independence, are more likely to become compassionate adults, have higher self-esteem, have higher grade-point averages, and are more likely to be sociable

Our Mission

The most important part of the Princess program is building and nurturing a relationship
between father and daughter that will last a lifetime. Program activities and the Frontier theme are
merely means through which the relationship is built and strengthened. One of the advantages
fathers gain as participants in this program is a new appreciation of their daughters' skills, needs, and
group behavior. The program allows fathers and daughters to have fun together, to learn about each
other and to share new experiences together. It draws a dad and his daughter closer together, with
mutual understanding and equal appreciation.
What the above statements fail to tell you, is that just by joining the Adventure Princess
program you are NOT given a guarantee that a profound relationship will grow between a father and
a daughter. What it assures you, is that you are joining a group of individuals and an organization
that are dedicated to provide an atmosphere where that relationship can blossom.
Your relationship with your daughter will be further enhanced as you join an Outpost with other
fathers and their daughters. This small group of fathers and daughters will be together for the
duration of the five year program, allowing a great opportunity for friendships to start. The more
each father and daughter contributes to the Outpost through involvement, the greater the strength of
their bond and the bond created with others in the Outpost. The very foundation of this organization
is the strength of the Outposts that support it.
Like anything else, you can only get out of the program what you are ready to put in. Fathers
and daughters that become INVOLVED in this program can reap the many benefits that come with
the relationship that happens through being "Friends Always".

Our Mission

Highlights of the Big Creek Frontier in 2023

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