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Events continue following safety guidelines

Yetta Hey Frontier!

Please see attached the Running Waters for August. My apologies on the delay but we have been very busy finalizing event details and necessary approvals. The good news is Breakfast in the Park, the Boat Race and Fall Camp are ALL still on! As with all of our 2020 events, safety comes first and we must abide by all state safety guidelines. This has been the case with Putt Putt and our two Fluff Raids, which by the way, we had our Summer Fluff Raid this past weekend and it was a great time with a bunch of fun activities. 

We do ask that you please register online for upcoming events so we can get an accurate count for food and attendance. Updated online registration will be available later this weekend. The next two events come at no cost except for rocket and boat kits. Please contact the OICs in the fliers to make arrangements for kit pick up. Note that boat kits will be for sale at Breakfast in the Park (BITP) which is at a new location this year in the Brecksville Reservation. Again see the attached newsletter for details.

For those who picked up patches for this past weekend's Fluff Raid, the patch handed out is supposed to be reserved for the two part fluff raider event that is organized independently by each outpost. You'll notice at the end of each RW there is a list of officer roles, addresses and color fluff. This is to be used as a checklist for your outpost organized fluff raid where each group "raids" each of the officer's houses some time before midnight and a some after midnight hence the two part patch. We will have alternate summer fluff raid patches available with a trade-in of the Raider patch at BITP.

Don't miss out on the next few events! They are some of the best of the year and promise to be a good time! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. -- Friends Always! Vito, Olivia and Veronica Cimino Running Waters Editor

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