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North Royalton YMCA Adventure Princesses Announces Super Bowl Squares Winners

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Thank you to all those who bought squares for this year's Super Bowl Square Fundraiser! Together we raised $2,100 for the Adventure Princess organization. These funds will help cover the ever increasing cost of camps as well as many of the other great Dad-Daughter events planned throughout the year.

The winners have been verified and are now official!

$20 Board

  • First Quarter

    • Jeremy Spohn wins $250!

  • Second Quarter

    • Darlene Lupica & Ed Claudio win $250

  • Third Quarter

    • Phil Smith wins $200

    • Ken Ptak wins $50

  • Fourth Quarter

    • Ben Murphy wins $200

    • Trudy Schaef wins $50

First $10 Board

  • First Quarter

    • Lucy Lopez wins $100

  • Second Quarter

    • Amanda Kriavsky wins $100

  • Third Quarter

    • Lisa Ertle wins $100

  • Fourth Quarter

    • Rich & Mariann Green wins $200

Second $10 Board

  • First Quarter

    • Aubrey Strippy wins $100

  • Second Quarter

    • Matt Sanovick wins $100

  • Third Quarter

    • Gorman Petkovski wins $100

  • Fourth Quarter

    • Timothy Heimann wins $200

Congratulations to all of the winners! Please text or call Marc Beljan at (440) 263-1484 to collect your winnings!

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