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Trail Boss Letter

Yetta Hey!

Record high temperatures were set this February and while that means we had

to cancel sled fest, it also meant we could set new records for fun at Camp


But don’t put that winter coat away just yet. We start off March with the first ever

Monster’s Hockey Outdoor Classic and keep the party rolling right into the

Father Daughter Dance. So dust off those dancing shoes and get your finest

dress out, you don’t want to miss this event!

While the weather continues to warm, we cap off March in our bathing suits

with the annual Boat Regatta. Find some cardboard and duct tape and come

ready to impress as Best Decorated or Fastest Boat. A fun time is guaranteed!

Lastly, I want to extend my sincere thank you to Eastyn Wilmink, Riley Ptak,

Mackenzie Ptak, Mackenzie Malcom and Evelyn Morgan for helping in the

kitchen after the Chili Cook-Off to wash and stack dishes. It was a dirty job! See

me for a special patch.

Friends Always,

Pat, Claire and Caroline Crucitt

Trail Boss Dance, Trail Boss Dance,

Daughters too!

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